Unable to click "Refresh Device" in license manager to update a license due to a proxy server blocking communication to the exterro (AccessData) license server. 

(Possible Cause of Error 105 in License Manager.) 



Note: This configuration option is a feature of CodeMeter made by WiBU. If you have trouble with this configuration, WiBu support will be your contact for troubleshooting, not Exterro Support.

Option 1: Use the CodeMeter WebAdmin to configure the Proxy Server information. 

Option 2: Use the command line option to configure the Proxy Server information.

  • Navigate to this folder within a Command Prompt: C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin

  • Use this syntax: 

    cmu32.exe --set-proxy "ServerName" --username xxxxx --password xxxxxx --port xxxx


    cmu32.exe --set-proxy "" --username "john.doe" --password "mypassword" --port 90



A proxy server on the customer envrionment is blocking two way communication with the license server at exterro.