Forensic Tools 8.0

Released Sep 25, 2023

FTK Standalone 8.0 Install Guide Attached - READ THIS! You must be on Version 7.6 to upgrade to 8.0.

Starting with 8.0, FTK Standalone is the only product Exterro will support as a self install or upgrade. All FTK Lab, FTK Enterprise, and FTK Central customers will need to schedule a time with our Professional Services team to be installed or upgraded. You can contact your Sales Representative or Support to request that be scheduled. 

To ensure you are on Version 7.6, you can locate the necessary downloads and install guides for each version on our website at

FTK Standalone 8.0 Installer

FTK Central

FTK Central 8.0 Release Notes

FTK Central 8.0 User Guide

FTK Central 8.0 App Configuration Guide

FTK Central 8.0 Spec Guide


FTK & LAB 8.0 Release Notes

FTK & LAB 8.0 User Guide

FTK Standalone 8.0 Spec Guide

LAB 8.0 Spec Guide

FTK - Guide to Upgrade Postgres to version 14

DBConfig needed to upgrade to Postgres 14


Enterprise 8.0 Release Notes

Enterprise 8.0 User Guide

Enterprise 8.0 Spec Guide

MAC Agent Deployment Guide via JAMF Pro

Other Guides

Portable Case User Guide

Evidence Processing Logs Guide

Artifacts Guide
KFF Install Guide

RWS Translation - Install and Configuration Guide