This article lists the supplementary documents (in addition to the Release Notes, User Guides, etc.) for FTK Suite 8.0 release. 

  • Exterro FTK Suite 8.0 - Artifacts Guide
  • Exterro_FTK-PostgreSQL_14.0_Upgrade_Guide_-Upgrading_7.5.2_to_7.6_SP3
  • Exterro FTK Standalone 8.0 - Installation Guide
  • Exterro FTK Suite 8.0 - Installation Guide
  • Exterro - Known File Filter (KFF) Installation Guide
  • Exterro - FTK Evidence Processing Logs Guide

Note: Do note that this article consists of only the supplementary documents. For primary release documents (such as release notes and user guide) you can reach out to the Exterro Support team or access it from the Exterro Website.