When you press the Save and Next button, you get 'an error has occurred' in red across the top of FTK Central.  

Here is the error in the adgselfhost.txt log file: 

Could not decrypt using DB encryption key, using local registry key

2023-08-31 13:46:13,204 [53] ERROR ADG.WeblabControllers.Controllers.Quinc2.SystemManagementController [(null)] - (null) Failed to save ad profile.

System.FormatException: Could not find any recognizable digits.



The solution is to delete the Active Directory configuration in the SQL ADG database.  Once this has been removed, then re-enter your Active Directory settings again in FTK Central.  

Please speak with your database administrator before executing the query below:

DELETE FROM ADG.ADG7x1.AdConfiguration



FTKC 7.6 SP3

Server 2019

SQL 2019