In FTK Central, when you click on Case list, the list does not populate.  When creating a new case, the case creation does not complete.  



The service account's rights to the SQL ADG database was changed or rights to the database was downgraded.  To verify this, please to go to this location on your application server where FTK Central was installed and open the most recent adgselfhost.txt log file.

Path: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\AccessData\AccessDataLogs\adgselfhost.txt

There, you will see an entry similar to the screenshot below where the service account can no longer access the ADG database as indicated by the red arrows.


It's recommended that your service account has Sysadmin rights, however if this is not possible due to company policies, please have your SQL database administrator execute the following SQL query replacing ServiceAccountName with your service account login:



EXEC sp_addrolemember 'db_owner',[ServiceAccountName]        


Change the SQL server role permissions for the service account to only "Public", "ProcessAdmin", and "SecurityAdmin"

*****Please note:  Sysadmin rights are REQUIRED for database validation, migration, and updates