How can you automatically add domain users to Lab with the desired roles/permissions by utilizing LDAP groups.



  1. In Active Directory Administration Center, create a new group
  2. Add any desired users to that group
  3. Follow steps 1-8 at Active Directory Authentication - FTK Central to connect FTK Central to Active Directory
  4. In FTK Central, click User Management in the upper-right 
  5. Click the User Groups tab
  6. Click Import from AD
  7. Find and select the group from step 1 and click Import
  8. Click Edit next to the desired group
  9. Select the desired Role(s) and Case(s) to assign to the group, and click Update Group
  10. Use the FTK Central Configuration Tool to set the Authentication Method to one of the following:
    • Group Active Directory authentication - Forms - Presents a login screen for users to provide their Active Directory credentials.
      Note: Active Directory username should be in the format "domain\user".
    • Group Active Directory authentication - IWA/SSO - Passes the credentials that the browser is running with (typically the credentials used to log into the machine).
      Note: Users may need to add your FTK Central base URL to the Local Intranet Zone on their machines to allow their browser to pass through their credentials.
  11. Restart the AccessData Exterro Self Host Service service



  • When a user in an added Active Directory Groups logs in for the first time, FTK Central will automatically insert the user, with the appropriate role(s), into the database.