Forensic Tools 7.6 SP3 

Released March 25, 2023

7.6 SP3 Install Guide - Read this because the process is new.

7.6 SP3 Installer

FTK Central

FTK Central 7.6 SP3 Release Notes

FTK Central 7.6 SP3 User Guide

FTK Central 7.6 SP3 App Configuration Guide


FTK 7.6 SP3 Release Notes

FTK 7.6 SP3 User Guide

FTK - Guide to Upgrade Postgres to version 14

DBConfig needed to upgrade to Postgres 14


LAB 7.6 SP3 Release Notes

LAB 7.6 SP3 User Guide


Enterprise 7.6 SP3 Release Notes

Enterprise 7.6 SP3 User Guide

Updated Linux Agent

JAMF Deployment Guide Attached

FTK Plus

FTK Plus 7.6 SP3 Release Notes

Other Guides

Exchange Admin Center (EAC) Configuration Guide

Exchange Online EWS API-Modern Authentication Configuration Guide