Reason: When a primary contact of an NCDS is changed after issuing the legal hold, the legal hold status of the newly added primary contact will be “Open” status. Hence, the re-issue or release operations to the respective NCDS will not be completed as the hold was never issued to the newly added contact.

In order to release the NCDS from the legal hold when its primary contact is in Open status, you need to issue the legal hold to the newly added primary contact. Once the legal hold is issued to the new primary contact, the NCDS can be released. Kindly follow the below steps to issue the legal hold to the open custodian in the NCDS.

  • Login to the Exterro application.

  • Click the Legal Hold module

  • Select the legal hold to which the respective NCDS is added. 

  • In the legal hold details page, click on Custodians/NCDS and click on NCDS tab.

  • Click on the respective NCDS.

  • In the NCDS details popup, click on the Contacts tab.

  • Select the primary contact that is in Open status and click on Issue.

Once the new primary contact is issued the legal hold, you can release the NCDS from the legal hold.