The following checklist should be used to document the prerequisites necessary to ensure the successful implementation of FTK Enterprise and should be completed prior to product implementation by an Exterro engineer. 

Please review the FTK Specification Guide for hardware and software requirements.


Checklist Details

1. Hardware Information

  •   The hosts that have been designated for component installation and configuration are available.
  •   The hosts operating systems have been installed and are fully-patched.
  •   Any additional storage volumes or file shares have been properly provisioned and made available.
  •   SysPrep (or an equivalent operation) has been run on any host with a cloned or ghosted operating system (i.e., ensure each host has a unique SID).

2. Network Configuration

3. Service Account

  • A dedicated Service Account name _________________________________ has been created.
  • The Service Account has been added to the local Administrators group on all hosts or provided with equivalent privileges.
  • The Service Account has been given the “Interactive Logon” permission.
  • The Service Account has been given the “Logon As Service” permission.

4. Microsoft SQL Server Configuration (if applicable)

  • Microsoft SQL server has been installed and fully patched.
  • The SQL instance name is ______________________________________ (default: “Default”).
  • The SQL instance is configured to use port ____________________ (default: 1443).
  • The SQL instance is configured to use “SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS” coalition.
  • The SQL instance has Mixed Mode authentication enabled.
  • The Service Account has been added to the SQL instance as a Login and has been added to the SysAdmin role.
  • Microsoft DTC is enabled.
  • Named Pipes have been enabled for the instance.

5. Software Licensing

  • A physical or virtual license dongle is accessible and has been properly stocked with the appropriate licensing.

6. Software Installation Media

  • The Exterro engineer has provided a link to retrieve the latest software installers.
  • The latest software installers have been downloaded and copied to all of the hosts or a location accessible from all of the hosts.

7. Certificates

  • A valid certificate pair has been created for use with Agents. (Required for Agent Collections).
  • A certificate is optional for use with the FTK Self-Host Service (FTK Central) but recommended.

           (For web certificate details, please go here: FTK Central Web Certificate Requirements)