When trying to add non-ASCCI characters to the Indexing Options of FTK Processing Profile, the error below occurs and FTK does not allow additions of such characters:

Only ASCII characters are supported at this time.

The article below describes how to index non-ASCII characters.



Follow the steps below to create a Processing Profile with indexing options for non-ASCII characters:

  1. Login to FTK Central web user interface.
  2. Navigate to "Case List" and create a new case as shown below:

  3. At the bottom of the page, select the preferred Processing Profile and click "Customize Options" to create a new Processing Profile:

  4. Select "Search Text Index" and click on the ... button:

  5. Near the Letters box, click on "Add" button and add all the non-ASCII letters one by one as shown below:

  6. Once done, save as the Processing Profile:

  7. Now you can go back to FTK/Lab/Enterprise and use the newly created Processing Profile:

Here is an example of indexing non-ASCII characters in FTK: