A method to customize the reports when it comes to repetitive usage.

Steps to implement and use this feature with FTK Plus

Step 1: Load the "Reports" panel

  • After loading a case into FTK Plus go to Panels icon
  • If not enabled, click on Reports to open/load the pane

Step 2: Select the right option under "Report Type" 

  • Under Report Type option choose Data Report
  • In order to create the report template you need to generate a new report. It will be part of the process
  • Go to New Report

Step 3: Go through the steps of creating the report

  • Under Report Details define the name and format report

  • Select all labels you want to include in the report
  • Select all bookmarks you want to include in the report

  • Under Data Report Title tick the box next to Configure columns and go on Create

  • Give the template a name
  • Choose the columns you would like to include into any specific file type

  • You can also remove columns, change the order, or add additional ones from the list in the left section
  • Go to Save Template
  • Check the Summary and click on Finish
  • The template will be then available for future use