The below steps need to be followed in order to force complete an interview: 

  • Login to the Exterro application.
  • Click on the Legal Hold module.
  • In the manage legal holds page, select the legal hold under which the interview is associated.
  • On the legal hold details page, click on the Interviews tab.
  • Click on the Interview listed under the Interviews tab.
  • In the Interview details page, click on the Action button at the top-right corner and click on Complete.
  • In the Complete Interview pop-up click on Ok.

If the Complete option is not available under the Actions of the interview then the Complete Interview permission for the role type assigned to the user needs to be enabled to Force complete an Interview. 

In order to check whether the Complete Interview permission is enabled for the role type assigned to the user, kindly follow the below steps:

1) Log in to the Admin portal.

2) Click on Company details and select Users for whom you need to check the permissions

3) In the User details page, check for the role type assigned to the user account.

4) Click on Security roles in the left pane. Select the role type assigned to the user from the left pane. 

5) Click on Edit from the Manage role type page.

6) Click on Next. From the list of permissions across modules, click on Interview management on the left pane. Enable Complete interview permission under the Interview Management group and click on OK.