How can I change the default port of the KFF instance after it already has been installed


Note: The port can be defined in the initial install wizard, but if you need to change it after installation follow the steps below:

Step 1: Locate the config file for KFF within the dedicated instance

  • It is located here: C:\Program Files\AccessData\Cassandra\conf\cassandra.yaml

Step 2: Open the Yaml file and locate the relevant key/parameter

  • The key is called: 'native_transport_port' 

Step 3: Replace the default port 9042

  • Put the desired port native_transport_port: 9042
  • For security reasons, you should not expose this port to the internet.  Firewall it if needed.
  • Enabling native transport encryption in client_encryption_options allows you to either use encryption for the standard port or to use an extra port in addition to the unencrypted one.

Step 4: Restart Cassandra service 

  • You would need to restart Cassandra service for the change to take effect: