In FTK Plus Files larger than 50MB do not display by default.
A warning message saying "File size is too large to display based on the current setting of 50MB" appears instead.


  • Version 7.5.2
  • Version 7.6


If the file size needs to be amended follow the following steps:

  1. Browse to %ProgramFiles%\AccessData\ForensicTools\7.6\bin\FTKPlus in Windows Explorer
  2. Open FTKPlus.exe.config with a file editor (Consider backing up the file before editing)
  3. Browse or search for MaximumViewerFileSizeInMB
  4. Amend the value following the key to your preferred maximum file size and safe the change
  5. Restart FTK Plus

Example - Changing the setting to 110MB:

Old entry:
<add key = "MaximumViewerFileSizeInMB" value="50" />

After editing:
<add key = "MaximumViewerFileSizeInMB" value="110" />

Files up to 110MB will display after the change and the warning message for files larger than that will display the updated current setting.