By default, the Exterro AD Connectors service (handles BOX collections) stores temporary data in a folder called "EXTERROSERVICETEMPLOCATION" under its "bin" folder.



  1. Stop the "Exterro AD Connectors" service
  2. Browse to the AD Connectors "conf" folder (typically "C:\Program Files (x86)\AccessData\AD Connectors\conf" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Exterro\AD Connectors\conf")
  3. Open "wrapper.conf" in a text editor
  4. Find the following line:"EXTERROSERVICETEMPLOCATION"
  5. Change "EXTERROSERVICETEMPLOCATION" to your desired path, using forward slashes / rather than back slashes \ in the path, as seen below:
  6. Save and close the file
  7. Start the "Exterro AD Connectors" service