FTK 7.6 allows users to utilise multiple case databases, allowing for cases to be distributed using round robin. 

However, when restoring cases using DBConfig or FTKC, cases do not follow this round robin method and users must follow the workaround listed below.

Users must create a full case backup using DBConfig or FTK Central. 

  1. Open Map.xml within the case backup folder.

  2. Change the ServerId value (This is the ID of a server where you want to restore a case).

  3. Utilise the following query on the ADG database to obtain the server ID.

    SELECT ServerId, HostName  FROM [ADG].[ADG7x1].[cmn_ServerList]
  4. Change Name and HostName to a server where you want to restore a case.

  5. Save the file.

  6. Execute the case restore from FTK central or DBConfig.exe.