Live Preview: Agent Indexing

Windows Agent Indexing can now be customised when using Live Preview. Agent indexing can only be toggled on a per agent basis within the Live Preview page in FTKC. This can be addressed with the addition of configuration keys that can be added in the ADGWeblabSelfHost.exe.config file.

Configuration Key

  • AgentIndexingRunIntervalInMinutes – This will start the indexing automatically at the scheduled interval time.
  • AgentIndexingRunCount - This will control how many times the scheduled indexing should run.

How to configure these keys?

The keys required for configuration can be added to FTKC 7.6 and above. It should be added to the configuration file located in the ADGWeblabSelfHost.exe.config file located in C:\Program Files\AccessData\Forensic Tools\7.6\bin.





Integer value.

1 = 1 Minute

2 = 2 Minutes

3 = 3 Minutes


Default is set as 1440 = 24 Hours.

<add key="AgentIndexingRunIntervalInMinutes" value="1440" />


Integer value.

Default is set as 10000.

<add key="AgentIndexingRunCount" value="100000" />

Applies to FTK-C Versions: 7.6.x, 8.0.x