To Delete the Planned Productions in 5x Hosted

Scenario:- Trying to delete the planned Productions from the production module, but they are getting an error message like "The production set can not be deleted as one or more files are associated with it. Remove all the associated files and delete the production set."

To delete the Planned Produced sets:- In this case, we need to remove all the files from the required Production before we can delete them.

Follow the below steps:

1. Select the planned production.

2. Click on "Files"

3. It will redirect you to the ESI Vault.

4. Select all of the files in this production and click the "Remove" button. It creates a job for removing documents for this production, which you can monitor using the job monitors.

5. Once the job is complete, Please go back to the Planned production and click on "View additional actions," then Delete. Again, the production deletion job will be triggered, and you can monitor its progress using the job monitors.