Scenario 1: Email Links not working in the sample notice.

The email link in the sample emails will not work since the sample email is just to view the format of the email and thus the email links will not active.

Scenario 2: Email Links are not work in the compliance portal.

Once the custodian is logged in to the compliance portal all the email links will be disabled and the custodian has to use the buttons that are listed in the top right corner of the compliance portal in order to perform any actions.

Scenario 3: Email links are not working in the recipients who received the CC copy.

The CC copy is sent to recipients in order to send a copy of the notification that is sent to the custodians and the email links will be only active in the To copy that is being sent to the custodians.

Scenario 4: Email links are not resolved for the custodians and the email links are displayed as tags in the email that the custodian received.

When the email link is copied and pasted from a different notice or if the email link is edited then the email links will not be resolved in the legal hold notice email that was sent to the client.

Our recommendation is to add the email links from the Email links option in the hold notice.