Scenario 1 - DSD user association sync job failed:

Steps to export the logs of the failed sync job:

Click on the Auto Discovery/Sync log from the DSD application:

 Expand the job that has failed and click on the Download error log.

The sync job failed with the below error message:

Error in null. Message: New-ExoPSSession : Processing data from remote server failed with the following error message: [AuthZRequestId=fa3a824d-e125-4544-a59

5-1b8d17b2feda][FailureCategory=AuthZ-CmdletAccessDeniedException] The role 

assigned to application aa5eaf7e-03a6-4642-b0e2-186a9eddfe1b isn't supported 

in this scenario. Please check online documentation for assigning correct 

Directory Roles to Azure AD Application for EXO App-Only Authentication

This means that the "Global reader" role is not provided to the application created for Exterro and due to this the sync job is failing, so kindly refer to section Assigning Roles and Self-signed Certificate Generation in the configuration guide document attached to this email.