As an Administrator, you can manage and create destruction lists.  To utilize this tool, select ADMIN CONTROLS on the inventory dashboard, and then select DESTRUCTION.
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This allows you to defensibly approve the destruction of your inventory, based on the approved retention schedule.

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Remove. Remove destruction list.

Process. Generates list of boxes to be destroyed, for your storage vendor.

Reopen. Allows list to be reopened, if necessary.  This allows for edits and unlocking or removing boxes.

Confirm. Complete process.  After boxes are destroyed at vendor, then boxes will be marked as destroyed in system.
Column Titles:
Name. Unique identifier.
Create Date. Date list was created.

  • Draft – when creating destruction list, you have the option to save as draft.

  • Review – destruction being evaluated by Reviewer(s).

  • Validation – If no Reviewers, Validation is completed by Disposal Administrator.

  • Processed – Generates list to be sent to the vendor.

  • Complete – Destruction is confirmed, and boxes are destroyed at vendor. Box status is changed to destroyed in system.

Affected Boxes. Boxes included in destruction.
Excluded Boxes. Boxes excluded from destruction.
Pending Requests. Boxes awaiting review.
Date Completed. Date destruction complete.

How to Create a Destruction List

When you select CREATE, you have the option to select either a One-Time Destruction or a Recurring Destruction.  Please select which type of destruction list you would like help with below.

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