As an Administrator, you are able to manage departments.  To utilize this tool, select ADMIN CONTROLS, on the Inventory dashboard, and then select DEPARTMENTS.

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This page allows you to oversee and maintain the organizational structure for inventory.

To the right of each department name are columns containing information about the departments, such as boxes, users, business functions and storage facilities. Selecting the blue hyperlinks will direct you to additional information. To search for existing departments, use the search window.

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Expand. If the organization contains parent/child hierarchy, using the Expand button will open up those parent/child departments.  The same thing can be accomplished by using the carrots to the left of the department name.

Collapse. If the organization contains parent/child hierarchy, and you have expanded the hierarchy, using the Collapse button will collapse those parent/child departments.  

Export. Exports your department data to a spreadsheet.

Merge. Merging is permanent and cannot be undone.  To merge, select one or more departments.  Once selected, a window will appear requesting the destination department for the merge operation.  Select APPLY NEW CHANGES to complete.

Change Parent. Rearrange your department structure. Select one or more areas to move and choose Change Parent. A window will open and ask which area to place child area under. This function allows multiple levels in parent/child departments.

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Show Inactive. Displays the inactive areas, in addition to the active areas.  Inactive areas are displayed in gray italics. Inventory cannot be added to inactive areas.

How to Create a New Department

Select ADD to create a new department.

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Name. Department name. Names must be unique.

Department Number. The number is displayed next to the name in the MANAGE DEPARTMENTS screen.

Is Active. Unchecking this box makes the area inactive. Inventory tied to an inactive area will not be searchable. NOTE: The box icon found below the IS ACTIVE checkbox shows the number of boxes tied to that particular department.

Users. Previously created Inventory Users can be added to the department. Adding an Inventory User to a department means the user will have access to the inventory in that particular department.

You have three additional options when adding an Inventory User to an area:

Reviewer. The user will be a destruction reviewer for that department. When an administrator creates a destruction list, they have the option to send the list of boxes eligible for destruction to department reviewers for approval or exclusion.

Hold. The user can place a box on hold. Placing a box on hold excludes the box from showing up on a destruction list. A reason is required for placing a box on hold.

Change Status. Gives the user the right to change the current state of the box from RETRIEVED to AT FACILITY and vice versa.

Inventory Users can be assigned to multiple departments, if needed. Start typing a user name in the search box, or select the magnifying glass to see a list of eligible users. You can assign multiple Inventory Users to one department. Use the red X to the left of any users to remove. 

Business Functions. Choose the Business Function in which the department is tied.  This allows Inventory Users to choose the proper Record Type when creating a box, thus giving the box the proper retention period. Your retention schedule must be created and approved before assigning to departments. You can add multiple business functions to a department, if needed. Use the red X to the left of any business functions to remove.

Storage Facilities. Storage facilities can be added to your department. Choose the drop down menu to select one or more storage facilities. Inventory users that add and retrieve inventory for this department will be able to see all storage facilities available. If there is only one storage facility selected, then that will be the default for the department. Use the red X to the left of any storage facilities to remove.

How to Add a User, Function or Facility to a Department

Fine the department that needs a user, function or facility assigned.

Select the hyperlink you want to update, as shown below.  

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Select the Add button and then the search magnifying glass, as shown below.

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Finally, select from the pop up window, then hit the blue SAVE button.

This information will then be added to that department.