1. Select the Add a Box link on the Inventory dashboard.

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The CREATE BOXES screen will appear.

2. Input box information into all required fields (Indicated by a red asterisk).

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Department. Choose which department your box is being added under. You can see all of the areas assigned to you by selecting the magnifying glass icon.

Facility. Choose which storage facility to store your box. You can see all of the facilities assigned to your area by selecting on the facilities link.

Record Type. Choose which record type identifies the content of your box.  This is important for determining the boxes retention. Select the proper record type in the Select Record Type pop-up window.

Box #. The box number typically comes from the box label provided by your storage vendor.

Alt Box #. The alternate box number field is optional and is often used if the primary box number has changed and the history of the box number needs to be preserved.

Date Range. The date fields determine the date range of the box contents. The TO date is required. Once the Record Type and TO date field are populated, you’ll see the Estimated Destruction date populate.

Description. Describe the contents of your box here. While the record type will give a general idea of the box information, the description field is where more detail is given regarding its contents. This will make searching for the box easier in the future.

Box Size. 1.2 Letter Legal is the most common storage box size, however choose the appropriate size from the dropdown.

Storage Location. This field is often used for on-site storage to identify a specific shelf or bin locations.

User Defined Fields 1-4. Additional fields to add in extra box data you may want to have separated from the description field.
Done for now. This will give you the option of saving your box and moving it to the Review Boxes screen.

Save and Add Another. Saves your current box and moves it to the Review Boxes screen while keeping you on the CREATE BOXES screen, enabling you to add an additional box.

Save and Add Similar. Saves your current box and moves it to the Review Boxes screen while preserving all of your current box information (except for the box number) so you can add boxes with similar content.

Save and Continue. Saves your current box and takes you to the Review Boxes screen where you can send your storage vendor notification for box pickup.

3. Review Boxes. 

After creating a box, you can review the box information (edit) or delete the box (discard) or notify your storage vendor of you new box(es).

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Once you’re ready to notify the vendor these boxes need to be picked up, select SEND NOTIFICATIONS.

4. Send Notifications.

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Send notification at next scheduled time. This is the default and indicates that your box pickup notice will be sent automatically to the storage vendor at the NEXT SCHEDULED TIME which is a batch time already set by your company’s administrator. 
Do not send notification. This will add your boxes into inventory but will NOT notify your storage vendor to pick up your boxes. This selection is useful if you need to add inventory into the system that you know is already at your storage vendor.

5. Confirm the address and then select SUBMIT.
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If you need to use a different address, select CHANGE and enter in the correct information. If a new address is added, you have the option of keeping both, or deleting an older address. After you hit the SUBMIT button you’re finished. The storage vendor will receive a new box notification and you will be sent a confirmation email.
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