Reports (Generating and Downloading) 

Click the Reports button to the top right of the baseline data numbers to open the reports window. Reports are listed along with their available format(s).    

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To run a report, click the arrow to the right of the report name. Select the format you would like to generate by clicking the "+" sign. The status will update from Not Generated to Processing.

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The report will generate and populate the time and date it was run once complete. 

The report will produce the data as it exists the moment the report starts to generate. If you make changes to the data after starting the report, those changes will not be included in the report. You will need to refresh the report by clicking the circular arrows.

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All reports that are currently generating will be shown in the Queue tab. They will run in the order listed. You can reorder the queue and therefore the order they will generate by clicking on the dots icon and dragging the report to a new place.

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The green highlighted number represents the amount of reports that are ready to be downloaded. 

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