Edit Answers

To edit the data, select the individual row(s) you want to update from the grid. The Edit Answers button only appears when the "View Individual Answers" box is checked. Changes cannot be made at the consolidated view.

You may choose to update one individual response or select all data that pertain to a processing activity to make a global change. For the latter, select all participant responses for a processing activity to create a standard answer set for all departments. Once your selection has been made, choose the Edit Answers button. 

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The first column displays question groups. The second column shows the specific question and the third column shows the answer options. The number of profiles represents the number of participants that selected that answer choice.

Click the box beside an answer choice to uncheck the response for all profiles. A second click will check that response for all profiles. A third click will return the responses back to their original state. (The profiles are the specific processing activities originally selected to edit. Click the Profiles tab in the upper right to view them).

Once complete, click the Save and Close button in the bottom right corner. Once saved, all changes will be immediately applied to the inventory. There is no "undo" button. The Cancel button can be used to discard changes.