Data Filters

Data Filters are used to create a subset of the data within a data inventory project. From the main dashboard, the filters can be accessed by clicking the blue "Data Filters" button. 

The Data Filters screen lists the baseline numbers at the top. Below the baseline numbers are the filters. Jordan Lawrence prepopulates filters based on the countries where participants were assigned. Also, we provide a filter which shows where no personal data was identified during the profiling session. As you create new filters, they will appear at the bottom of the list. Finally, filters can be reordered by dragging and dropping using the vertical icon of three dots on the far left. 

To view the data in a filter, click the filter name. 

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The filtered data will open in a new screen. The filter's grid is like the baseline data's grid. However, the numbers at the top for each category only reflect that of the filtered data. In this example we selected the filter "Personal Data -- GBR." The numbers only reflect personal data that was identified in the United Kingdom. 
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The grid functionality is identical to that of the baseline data. Operations such as configuring columns, merging, creating Processing Activities, cloning Processing Activities, editing answers, and deleting Processing Activities are all available within this filtered view. Please refer to Baseline Data to view the the functionality of the baseline data filter. 

Reporting is available within filters. The reports will only contain the data in the filter. For help on reports, please see Exporting Data