Do you want to update the client secret key for the App-based authentication in the DSD module for the 0365 connectors? 

Step 1: Log in to  and follow the below mentioned steps. From Azure portal home page, open the left pane and select Azure Active Directory


Step 2: In the Azure Active Directory page, search for the Registered Application for the DSD under the Overview tab, you will be able to find the App that you’ve used in the DSD under the App registration as highlighted in the below image  

Step 3: Click on the App and select Certificate & secrets in the left pane 

Step 4: Under the Client secret Tab, click on + New client secret, this will open a pop-up where you can enter the description and expiration time of the Secret key. After selecting the appropriate values, click on Add. 

Step 5: A new client secret key will be created. Kindly copy the secret key under the value field and save it in the notepad. 

Note: The value could be copied only at the time of the creation of the Secret key. So, please do save it in a notepad before you close or move to the next page. 

Step 6: Now go to the Exterro application and navigate to the connectors/ Integration module and select the O365 application→ Authentication and then click Edit on the top right corner. 

Step 7: Click on the Client secret dialog box under the Graph API section and enter the saved password from the Azure Active directory. Click on the Test button to make sure the entered key is a valid one.  

If it is valid, you should see the test connection succeeded pop-up araises as shown below.

Note: Just in case, you see the Test connection failure pop-up download the error logs as mentioned in the below image, which will have the reason for the connection failure