A complete list of applicable legal rules, as well as best practice standards. This provides the rules that makes your schedule defensible.

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Add. Allows you to create your own retention rule. (Scroll to the bottom to find out how to create a new retention rule).

Export. Select to export data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Show Unused Rules. By checking this option, you are able to see all the retention rules that are currently not being used on the retention schedule.

Configure Columns

Choose the blue arrow on the right side to customize the configure columns. 

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Authority. Selecting the authority link will display all record types currently tied to that particular authority. 

Agency. Name of the Retention Rule that resides on the retention schedule. Could be a Best Practice or Government Citation.

Retention. Number of months/years reflected on the schedule.

Description. Hover over for an explanation for why this authority is applied.

Categories. Grouping of Record Types.

Record Types.  The number of record types from the retention schedule that are tied to each rule. 

Government Citation.  The link next to the actual rule for reference to the direct government site. 

How to Add a Retention Rule

Select ADD in the top right corner. Typically, this is utilized by clients who have a legitimate business need to keep a record type either longer or shorter than a previous standard.

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The fields you can choose to populate are as follows:
Agency. Represents either an Industry Practice or specific affiliation such as ERISA and Department of Labor.

Authority. Name of the retention rule that resides on the retention schedule. Could be either a Best Practice consideration or government citation.

Retention. Number of months applied to the retention rule. Select the check box for Permanent retention.

Description. Description of retention standard. Note: this is not a required field.

Category. Group your retention rules into a high level identifier such as HR – Benefits or HR – Payroll.

URL. Direct link to the authority or citation.
Once complete hit CREATE, the new Retention Rule will be available to use.

How to Edit a Retention Rule

Click on the desired rule name in blue font. You will be prompted with the below view of all record types that have the retention rule applied to them.

Select EDIT. This will open up details associated to the Retention Rule.

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Once completed with any changes, select SAVE. This will change the retention for all record types associated with that retention rule.