Within the Retention Standards module, under Settings, select PORTAL VIEW.  This will take you to the Published Retention Schedules. The areas listed here are only those with an approved status within the system.

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Most clients publish their retention schedule on their Intranet page using our Portal Link.  The portal link feature is a great way to maintain the most up-to-date retention schedule throughout your company.  As an Admin, any changes in the system made to the retention schedule, whether that be editing a retention period, record type description, etc. will be automatically updated on the portal link reports.  You have the option to publish your entire schedule or by an individual Business Area.  Once you select your desired publication, copy the URL and send to your IT to publish on your Intranet site

If you choose to publish your retention schedule by individual Business Area, select the VIEW REPORT hyperlink across from the desired area, copy/paste URL to the desired business areas Intranet page.  If you choose to have the entire schedule published, copy/paste URL on the Published Retention Schedule screen.

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