IPP preservation failed for the OneDrive data sources with the error message We can't apply this policy to [OneDrive Account Address] because the site is locked in ReadOnly mode. Kindly follow the below steps to unlock ReadOnly Mode.

Steps to unlock the OneDrive from ReadOnly Mode

Process 1- Through Powershell Command

Step 1: Install and Open the SharePoint Online Management Shell.

Step 2: Connect to SharePoint with either of the following roles using the below-mentioned command:

  • Global Admin

  • SharePoint Admin

Connect-SPOService -Url https://<domain>-admin.sharepoint.com -Credential <service account provided with Global Admin/SharePoint Admin role>

Step 3: Use the below Powershell command to unlock the site from ReadOnly mode

Set-SPOSite -Identity "<SiteURL>" -LockState "Unlock"

Process 2- Through UI

Note: The user accessing the Site Information page should be an Admin of the site. To verify if the user is an admin, kindly verify in the SharePoint Admin Center > Active sites as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 1: Navigate to the site, click on the Settings and choose Site Information from the Settings window.

Step 2:  Select View all site settings from the Site Information window.

Step 3:  To ensure that the site has the Site Policies feature activated, click on the Site collection features from Site Collection Administration.

Step 4:  Confirm the “Site Policy” is under Active status. If not, activate the “Site Policy” feature.

Step 5: Select Site Policies from Site Collection Administration.

Step 6: Click Create to create a new policy that would put the site on ReadOnly mode.

Step 7:  Enter the name of the policy and description

  • Select “Do not close or delete site automatically.” from the Site Closure and Deletion section.

  • Enable “The site collection will be read-only when it is closed.” under the Site Collection Closure section.

Step 8: Under Site Settings, select Site Closure and Deletion from Site Administration.

Step 9: Select the created policy from the Site Policy dropdown and click OK.

Step 10: Navigate to Site Closure and Deletion again and select the “Close this site now” button and click OK.

Step 11: The below message will be displayed stating that the site is in read-only mode.

Step 12: To remove the site from ReadOnly mode, click “Open this site” and click OK.

After following these steps and unlocking ReadOnly Mode apply preservation to the failed OneDrive data sources.