When in one of the PROGRAM ENFORCEMENT modules (Policy, Disposal, Hold or Custom), select CONTACTS from the SETTINGS drop down on the right of your screen. This will take you to a list of all your contacts.

NOTE: Contacts are people who can receive communications from Program Enforcement. They will NOT need a login for the system.

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1. Click Import on the top right 


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Download the Excel template. Populate with as much information as you would desire for your contacts. Save to your computer. (At the minimum, you must at least enter an email address per contact).

NOTE: It is important you do not edit or delete any column headings. If you opt to not fill out a column, leave it blank.

Upload and Review File. Once the Excel file is complete, browse for the file on your computer. Hit the BLUE Upload and Browse file button.

Review The File. This ensures there are no immediate errors. When there are no errors encountered, you will have one last review of the contacts, before moving to the final step.

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Import Options. Three options to choose from.

Update system contacts from the file (required). This updates any current contacts fields that might be blank.

Add new contacts to the system from file (required). Anyone on the list that isn’t currently in our system will be added as a new contact.

Deactivate system contacts not present in file. This will deactivate any contacts currently in the system but not within the file. For example, if Joe Smith leaves the company and he is not in the new file, his contact information will be deactivated (it can be reactivated at any time).

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Select PROCESS and the contacts will import.

For information on how to create individual contacts, Click here.