You can create a new interview, in the INTERVIEWS tab.
1. Click +ADD

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2. Name the Interview. 

Click the pencil to the right of INTERVIEW to give the interview a unique name. 
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3. Create Questions. Click ADD SECTION on the right side of the screen.

(Untitled Section). Name the Section by clicking the pencil (This can be left blank if you have a small number of questions and don't need to separate by sections.)
Add Question. This allows for additional questions to be added.

NOTE: For the One Choice Only and Multiple Choice options, you will be taken to the window below where the answer options are entered in the text window.  Once the answer is typed, select ADD. Select ADD each time you need to enter an additional answer option. To remove an answer choice, hover over the minus sign located at the end of the choice. 
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Remove Section. Removes an entire section from the interview.

(Untitled Question). Click the Pencil on the right of the screen to Edit Question.

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Heading. Optional
Question. Type the question here.

Display Rule.  Rule options available for customization.  Select from the drop down menu.
        Always. Question will always appear to all recipients answering the survey.
        Show if. Question will only appear if a specific question is answered a particular way.
        Hide if.  Question will not appear if a specific question is answered a particular way.
Type. Answer options available for customization. Select from the drop down menu.  
        Numeric Entry. Provides the recipient the ability to enter a numeric value as a response.
        Text Answer. Allows recipient to give a one or two-word response.
        Long Text Answer. Allows recipient to give an opened ended response.
        One Choice Only. A mutually exclusive response; recipient can only select one option.
        Multiple Choice. Allows recipient to select multiple options.
        Yes/ No. Suitable option for a simple yes or no response. 

Click the BLUE Save button once complete with question.

All questions which have the box next to them checked, will be part of the survey.  If you'd like to leave off a question, just un-check the box and save.
Save. When finished, hit the BLUE Save button, it is then ready to be added to the communication.