When in when of the PROGRAM ENFORCEMENT modules (Policy, Disposal, Hold or Custom), select DISTRIBUTION LIST from the SETTINGS drop down on the right of your screen.

Graphical user interface, application 
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  Graphical user interface, application 
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1. Name and Description. 

A pop up window will appear to Name and Describe the list. In addition, all contacts within the RMS system will appear.   

2. Add Recipients.

Check the box next to the contact to add them, they will appear on the left side in grey once added.

  • Search.  Allows for specific contacts to be searched.

  • Filter. Right click on any of the column headings and filter using that specific column.

  • Items per Page. Drop down to allow more contacts to be seen on the page.

  • Load Next. Take you to the next page of contacts.

3. Create. 

When finished select the blue CREATE button.

NOTE: Once a notice has already been sent out, using a distribution list, any change made to a list will not reflect on that specific notice.