When a matter is created the matter number will be auto-generated. If you'd like to add a prefix to the auto-generated matter number (or) if you wish to change the format of the auto-generated matter number please follow the below steps.

Example: Currently sequence of the Matter Number: 2022-0317

By adding EXT prefix value, the auto-generated matter number will be changed to EXT 2022-0317 when creating a new matter.

Follow the below instructions to add prefix/update the format of the Auto-Generated matter number. 

Step 1: Login into Exterro’s Admin Portal

Step 2: Navigate to System Properties >> Advanced Setup Properties >> Core Platform >> More >> Matter Number Auto-Generation.

Step 3: Click on Edit and add prefix/update the format of the Auto-Generated matter number in the Matter Number Generation Pattern field as per Business requested and click Ok.

Step 4: Once changes are made click on Publish Properties in the top right corner.

Note: The changes that are made to the matter number auto-generation format will be applied to the newly created matters alone.