Here are a few scenarios where Matter created in Passport will not sync into Exterro 

  1. The Matter number should be unique.

  2. The Matter team opted for the Passport system that should be available in Exterro.

  3. The matter type chosen in the Passport system should be available in Exterro.

  4. In the Passport system, while creating a matter we need to check the Potential Legal hold checkbox.

  5. Matter names should be less than 255 characters.

  6. Check the particular user should be active and should have the appropriate RBAC. The required RBACs are provided below. It can be found in the Exterro's AdminPortal→ Security Roles→Select the appropriate role type and then click Edit.

 Under EDRM Tool Integration : 

  • View Legal Hold Document Universe

  • Remote Matter Management

  • Synchronize Matter Information

  • View Matter Document Universe