This outlines the minimum configuration needed for FTK Central to sent LitHold notices.


You must have previously configured FTK Central's Email Server settings.



  1. From the home page, click LitHolds.
  2. One the LitHold management page, click LitHold Configuration.

  3. Complete the following:
    • Hold Report Temporary Storage Path: Temporary location for generation of LitHold report data.
    • Website Base Address: The base address of FTK Central, including the protocol, server, and port, in the format https://<server>:<port>/.
    • Person/IT Acceptance Message: The message to display at the bottom of the Person and IT Staff Hold Notification pages, just above the Accept button. This acts as an acknowledgement message, for example, “By clicking accept you agree to the terms set forth.”
    • Default Escalation Stage 2 Email Address: Desired recipient of stage 2 escalation notices.  If a custodian doesn't accept a hold within a number of specified days, the first escalation email is sent to their manager. After another specified number of days, the next escalation is sent to the email address specified in Default Escalation Stage 2 Email Address field.
  4. If desired, upload a Notification Site Logo and Notification Email Logo.
  5. Provide an email address in the Test Email Settings field and click Send to confirm the settings are correct and notifications can be successfully sent and received.
  6. Click Save.