This will guide you in configuring FTK Central to point to an Email Server to allow it to send out notification emails.


You must have an SMTP-compliant email system, such as a POP3 mail server to receive notification messages from the application. Consult with your email administrator to obtain the necessary settings.


  1. From the home page, click Settings from the top-right corner.
  2. Navigate to System Management tab.
  3. Click Email Server.
  4. Complete the following:
    • SMTP Server Configuration: The address of your SMTP mail server (for example, smtpserver.domain.com or server1).
    • SMTP Port: Port used by your SMTP server. Port 25 is the standard non-SSL SMTP port, but you should confirm with the email server administrator.
    • SMTP SSL: Defines whether your SMTP server requires TLS/STARTTLS.
    • Username: The username or email address of the sender's account.
    • Password: Password for the sender's account.
    • Email Sent From Address: The desired return email address for outgoing email.
    • Open Relay/No Credentials: Check this if your SMTP server doesn't require authentication to send email.
  5. Click Save.