Are you seeing the NCDS status as Issued and on the reissue, the emails are not being sent out to NCDS contacts?

Scenario 1:

If the below requirements are met, then please check the steps to issue/reissue it to the NCDS contact

i.) This happens when the Legal Hold NCDS Primary Contact is set to “All contacts”.This configuration can be found by login into the admin index->Advanced Setup Properties->Exterro Platform ->Legal Hold ->Deployment. If the Legal Hold NCDS Primary Contact property is set to “All contacts”. Screenshot is attached for reference.

ii.) From the legal hold, go to Custodian/NCDS tab and click on the NCDS tab.Do you see the status of the Legal hold NCDS status as “Issued”?

iii.)Now click on the NCDS, a pop-up window will appear, and click the contacts tab. Are you seeing the status as “Open”

If all the above settings are configured like above, then here is the solution to send out a legal hold to the NCDS.



Go to the Legal Hold > NCDS > Click on the NCDS > Contact > Select the contact and then the "issue" button should be visible. The screenshot is attached for reference.