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During the creation of a new Message Standard, the following functions are capable of customization:

Name. Unique identifier.

Communication Type. Drop down menu lets you categorize the type of communication.

Message Type. Choose the type of message from the drop down.

Make Default. If you check this box it makes that message standard the default message for that communication type.

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1. Create Email

From.  Enter the email address from which the communication will come.  This could be a generic project email address or a personal address.  Select INCLUDE PLACEHOLDER FOR COMMUNICATION CREATOR to use the email address of the person creating the communication.

Subject.  The subject line of the email communication. Select INCLUDE PLACEHOLDER FOR COMMUNICATION NAME to use the actual name of the communication. 

Message.  The body of the email notice.  To edit the body of the email, click anywhere in the text box of the message to open it in an editor.

Add Footer.  Optional text, such as a signature block, added to the bottom of the email message.

Link to Notice Page.  Customize the language recipients will click on to view the Policy Notice page.  

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2. Create Notice

User Instructions. The body of the notice.  To edit the body of the notice, click anywhere in the text box of the message to open it in an editor.

Response Links. Customize response links for the recipients to acknowledge. 

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Survey. Add an interview to gather detailed information pertinent to the communication.  Interviews must first be created and saved in Interviews to be added to a communication. Click Here to learn how to create a new Interview.
Cancel.  Exit from the communication.  Any changes will not be saved.

Save.  All changes will be saved, and you will receive a green check that the step has been completed.  An error will appear if any required fields have not been populated.  You will not be able to save until they are completed.