When in one of the PROGRAM ENFORCEMENT modules (Policy, Disposal, Hold or Custom), select “Contacts” from the SETTINGS drop down on the right of your screen. This will take you to a list of all your contacts.

NOTE:  Contacts are people who can receive communications from Program Enforcement.  They will NOT need a login for the system.

1. Click +ADD on the top right 


2. Step “1 of 2” 

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Enter in contact information. The only required field is Email.  However, fulfill as much information as you'd like.  Note:  If you plan to use Escalation communications, to send messages to the contacts manager, you must fulfill this information in the Create Contacts window.

3. Step “2 of 2”
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Create.  Your new contact will now appear in the list of contacts.  

For instructions on Importing Contacts, instead of creating them individually, Click here.