At any point you are able to update the Retention Periods of a Record Types. Follow the steps below to make any necessary updates.

1. Check the Box next to the Record Type that needs an updated Retention Period. Click EDIT RETENTION once the box(es) are checked.

2. A new pop up window will appear. 

3. Use the SEARCH bar on the right side to search by Authority Name, Category or Keyword.

4. Choose the New Retention and Hit Select. 
The new Retention Rule will be reflected on the schedule, make sure to reapprove that area once any Retention Rules have been changed.

NOTE: If you have more than one record type selected, you will be changing the retention rule for all of them at once.   

Add a New Retention Rule 

This can be found in the middle of the pop up window after clicking EDIT RETENTION.

2. Add the Authority and Retention. 
(See below for description)

3. Hit Select. 
Once added a new rule, it will be available in the EDIT RETENTION window for future record types.

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Authority -  Name of the retention rule that resides on the retention schedule. Could be either a Business Need or government citation.

Retention -  Time period in months. For example, 36 months would reflect 3 years on the Retention Schedule. Select the check box for Permanent retention.

NOTE: Typically our clients only add Authority and Retention. As these are the only required fields. If you'd like to include more detailed information about the Retention Rule, use the additional fields. 

Category - Group your retention rules into a high level identifier such as HR – Benefits or HR – Payroll.

Description.  Description of retention standard.  

URL. Direct link to the authority or citation.

Agency. Represents either an Industry Practice or specific affiliation such as ERISA and Department of Labor.