The Disposal notice Dashboard displays statistics on your entire custom communication library.  The bottom half of the screen displays your list of custom communications, which can be filtered by All, Active, Closed and/or Legacy.  If you are looking for a specific communication, use the search bar on the right.

The links on the left of the screen provide the tools to manage your communications in depth.
For further assistance, click each link below:

TCreate new disposal notice, click on Create under Disposal notice on Program Enforcement, it will display the details to fill which is shown in below screenshot :

To view and/or create message Standards to use for Disposal notice , click on Standards under Custom communication. On that page , you will be able to Add standard, Reassign template, copy, delete and  Export them.

To customize a Distribution List of recipients to quickly add to communications, click on settings and then distribution list. On the distribution list page, you can add, activate, inactivate and delete the lists.

To view the information on the weekly or monthly Calendar view of the communication schedule, you will have an option to change as per necessity as shown below :