The BUSINESS FUNCTIONS page, shows at a high level the FUNCTIONS, # of RECORD TYPES in that Function, CONTACT (Typically the Records Coordinator associated with that Function) and the STATUS of Approval.

To view the Record Types within a Function simply click the BUSINESS FUNCTIONS in BLUE.

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Business Functions. Displays all active functions within the organization.  Approve or exclude these functions for the final retention schedule.  The numbers in parenthesis, next to each function name, represent the number of record types found in that function. 

Status. Displays one of four different status options:
        Approved and Excluded. See Exclude/ Approve below for description.
        Pending. Indicates there were changes to the functions that have yet to be approved.  
        Not Started. Indicates no changes have been made to the functions.  

Boxes. Indicates the number of boxes tied to each business functions.

Contact. Associates a function to a specific person in your company. 
Selecting one or more Business Functions allows the following options:

Exclude/Approve. Functions can be approved or excluded.  Excluding a function does not delete the business function, but will remove it from the final published retention schedule reporting along with moving it to the Excluded Business Functions section at the bottom of the screen.  The functions can be included back into the schedule at any time.   Approving functions indicates you accept that particular functions name, record types, and retention rules.  Only approved functions will show up on the final record retention schedule.

Export. Select to export data into an Excel spreadsheet.