Any new IPP-supported data sources added to the custodian associated with a Legal hold will be automatically added to the IPP plan without reissuing the hold. This is achievable by enabling the configuration.

Note: This is applicable only for the Custodian data sources.

Steps to enable the newly identified data sources automatically:

  1. From the home page, click .

  2. Navigate to In-Place Preservation tab.

  1. Click Preservation Settings.

  2. Click Add newly identified data source.

  1. Click .

  • The Add newly identified data source pop-up is displayed.

  1. Enable the auto add new data source checkbox.

  • The Schedule section will be displayed in the Add newly identified data source pop-up.

  1. Select the Term durations.

  2. Provide the Repeat durations.

  3. Select the Schedule Time.

  4. Provide the recipient's email address in the Notify Email field.

Note: You can provide multiple email addresses with a comma (,) as a separator.

  1. Click .

The success message will be displayed as below.