Scenario 1: 

The below warning message is displayed when clicking on Icon Paste, Paste as plain text, Paste from word in the legal hold Notice or Email message.

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Description automatically generated

Unfortunately, the browser will not support pasting with the toolbar button.

How to paste the contents in the Notice or Email Message?

Please paste the contents in the clipboard in the Notice/Email Message using the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+V.

Scenario 2:

An issue with the notice does not retain font size correctly in the Outlook when notice is sent to custodians.

Example: In the Notice, the font size is set to “12” but when the notice is sent to the custodians the size appears to be “8” in the Outlook.


The font size of the Legal Holds notice contents text changes while viewing it in the Outlook as it is a limitation with the Outlook.


Use font size “16” in the notice and it will be reflected in size “12” when the custodians get the emails.

Scenario 3: 

An issue with exporting Issued hold notices in PDF format.  The size and page alignment changes in the exported PDF file.


Content in the email (html content) is aligned based on the window size, whereas when we export the html content to pdf format, the contents are shown in a standard layout. As a result, the content will be wrapped and displayed using standard layout configurations.

We do not have options to modify the PDF layout configuration.

Note: Please reach out to Exterro Support if you are facing any other issues along with the screenshots.