This feature is only available upon client request.  Please notify Jordan Lawrence if you would like this feature activated.

An internal assessment involves sending a survey to a contact within your company, known as a Vendor Relationship Owner (VRO).  Assessing the VRO provides an opportunity to gather information about a vendor prior to sending that vendor a survey.  

Step 1: On home page , click on "Create a new Assessment"

Step 2:

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Assessment Recipient: Select “Vendor Relationship Owner (Internal).”

Survey: Select the survey you want tied to the assessment for the VRO to complete.  For directions on creating a survey, click here.  A survey must be published before it can be tied to an assessment.  For directions on publishing a survey,  click here.

Require answers to all survey questions: If the toggle is green, the internal contact will be required to answer all questions before submitting their assessment.  If the toggle is gray, the internal contact may submit their assessment without answering all questions. 

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Assessment Frequency: How often the survey is sent to the VRO for reassessment.

Deadline for Completion: The window of time that VRO is allotted to complete the survey.

Send Reminder: The frequency of reminders the VRO receives until their survey is submitted.

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Communications Email communications sent to the administrator or VRO throughout the vendor diligence program.  Click a communication to review and make an edit. Placeholder fields within each communication will auto populate information specific to your company. 

Launch :

Step 1: In the “Manage  tab” , you will see the assessments , where you can see "Launch now" option for each vendors as shown below.

Step 3: Click “Launch Now.” 

A window will appear to send a personal email prior to launching, if necessary.  Select “Start Personal Email” and a standard email communication will appear for you to send to the VROs.

If a new email does not open, click here.

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Step 4: Click “Launch” and the VRO will receive an email with a link to the survey.