Categories are used to filter and group specific vendors.  You have the option to assign categories to each vendor.

Edit A Vendor’s Categories
To edit a vendor’s categories, click “Manage” tab.

Select the vendor you would like to edit.  

You will see three dotted line at end of Vendor name, click " View profile " to see below :  

To remove a category, hover over it and click. 

Edit All Vendor Categories
To edit all vendor categories, click the settings icon in the top right corner of the page and select “Categories."

Remove Category 
To remove a category, check the box next to the category, click “Actions” and select “Delete.”

Note: If you remove a category that vendors are assigned to, the category will be removed from each vendor’s profile.  

Add Category 
To add a category, click “+ Add Category.”  Enter the new category name and click "Create."

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Note: After you create a category, add vendors to the category individually through each vendor’s profile or perform a bulk change in the “View All Vendors” page.