Here are multiple scenarios that have caused the matter not being updated in the Exterro application 

Scenario 1: The integration job  in stopped status

Solution: To start the jobPlease login into the admin index and check the status of the Matter integration. If it is stopped, then we have to start it manually. Please login to Admin Index Portal -> System Admin Settings -> Monitoring -> Job status. To start the Matter integration job click on button. 

Note: Once the integration is started, it will run automatically depending on the time scheduled.

Scenario 2: Integration job ran successfully, but finding the Integration status as "No source file"

Solution 1:This could happen because of the "No source file" status on the Job Details pageYou can check the Job status at Admin Index Portal -> System Admin Settings -> Integration Console-> Matter Integration-> Job Details. 

If you find the Job status as No source file, check if the feed file is placed in the correct SFTP location as mentioned in the Client source folder path under the matter integration property set up at the Admin portal.

Solution 2: Make sure that the extension of the feed file is correct as mentioned in the Property setup the field.

Solution 3: If the No source file status occurs even after the feed file is placed in the correct location, check for the SFTP connectivity, if it is properly established. You can check the connectivity settings at Admin Portal→ System properties→ Advanced Setup properties→ Core Platform→ More→ AWS properties. 

Solution 4: Please ensure the file placed in SFTP and the integration job timing, if you have placed the file in SFTP is greater than the integration time then during the integration job schedule the SFTP does not contain the file so it would have updated the status as “No Source”.At this case, we need to wait until the next integration job timing or need to reschedule the integration job timing for that day.

Scenario 3: Integration job ran successfully, but finding the Integration status as Partially completed or Failed

The Matter details would not have been reflected in the application due to Partially completed or Failed Job status. If you find the job status as Failed or Partially completed, click on the button on the job details page to download and check the error logs. Once the error is found, rectify the error and run the matter integration again. 

Solution 1: When the Integration is in Failed status:

Please do check the feed file if the appropriate matter type value, matter team, company name, and matter number is entered across all the matters. If not, please make sure to enter the correct details in the feed file and run the integration. Only if all the mandatory fields are filled in the feed file, the matter integration will be successful. 

Solution 2:When the Integration is Partially completed status:

Even if one out of 100 records has an invalid entry in the feed file, the system will throw a partially completed error. If the Matter Integration status shows as “Partially Completed”, download the failed records on the job status page of Matter integration, and you will be able to find a few of the below-mentioned errors.

Some of the commonly found errors are

  • Unique Key Constraint Error

  • The close date is not specified for Matter with closed status.

  • Project status ID cannot be null string.

  • Invalid Matter type ID and  Matter team name in the Feed

  • Foreign key constraint Error


  1. Unique Key Constraint Error-As per the application behavior, if the matter feed file contains two records with the same number if it tries to create a new matter or update the existing matter then we will get a similar error. In this case, the batch size needs to be reduced to 1. Or We need to delete the matter that is wrongly created and move the matter to the correct company.

  2. Close date is not specified for Matter with closed status-If you are trying to close the matter, the closed date field is mandatory. Please update the feed file with the closed date.

  3. Project status ID cannot be a null string -The project status ID field cannot be left empty/null. An appropriate value should be entered in the project status id in the feed file. 

  4. Invalid Matter type ID and  Matter team name in the Feed.-The Matter type and the Matter team name should be given exactly with the same type of values available in the fusion application. 

  5. Foreign Key constraint Error -We need to pass the appropriate value(The value should be available in the Exterro application) for that respective column.