Scenario 1: Receiving an error message “The Matter Number already exists. Provide a different number” when creating a matter.

If a matter with the same matter number already exists in the Exterro application and when creating a new matter with the same matter number, the error message The Matter Number already exists." will be displayed. Please enter a different number.

Resolution: Need to update the matter number to a unique value and then click on Save.

Scenario 2:  “New” option not available for a user when trying to create a Matter.

The RBAC that allows the user to create a matter may be disabled for the role type that was assigned to the user.

Please enable the Create Matter RBAC in the Admin Portal by following the below steps for the role type that was assigned to the user who is unable to create a matter.

Step 1: Log in to the admin portal.

Step 2: Click on Security Roles and click on the role type that is assigned for the reported user and click on Edit.

Step 3: Click Next.

Step 3: Click Matter Management>Enable Create Matter>OK.

Now the “New” option will be available for the reported user.