Issue: TR integration failure


Scenario 1: Integration not working due to Access token expiry in Legal Tracker site




  • Check if the Integration user status is connected as shown in the below screen of Legal Tracker Settings (Settings > Integrations > Legal Hold Setup) page.





  • If the “Integration User status” is in disconnected/ connection failed, then ask the user to click sign in to establish the connection. 



  • Upon clicking sign in, the user will be landed in Exterro’s JDBC authentication page. 


  • Ask the User to login with Integration user credentials (Super user account), once it is authenticated , the user will be redirected back to TR portal and they should be able to see the “Integration User status” as Connected. 

  • Please make sure the Company name and Matter Team is properly chosen and the “Enable Integration” checkbox is checked. 

  • Click the save & close in the settings.

Note: SSO clients should use the JDBC Integration user credentials to sign in here. SSO login credentials will not work

Scenario 2:  Web hook status not configured or the token URL does not have proper values

Solution: Check if the configurations (Settings -> Integration Partner -> Thomson Reuters -> Settings) are proper as shown in below screen and share the complete screen for analysis.

Scenario 3: Specific Matter fields not updating properly in TR integration

Solution:  If the issue is with any specific fields not updating properly in matter, check the mapping details and share the below screenshot (Settings -> Integration Partner -> Thomson Reuters -> Mapping Details).

Scenario 4: Matter details not updating in Exterro through Sync Process.


If sync job is not updating the matter fields from legal tracker to Exterro through sync job, Check if the scheduler (Settings -> Integration Partner -> Thomson Reuters ->Scheduler) is on and verify the audit log (Settings -> Integration Partner -> Thomson Reuters -> Audit log) to check the sync status.

Scenario 5: Client not able to see Legal Hold Acknowledgement status from Exterro in Legal Tracker

Solution: Navigate to specific legal holds in the legal tracker and open the legal holds section. Click the Sign In link displayed there and the user will be landing in the Exterro JDBC page. Users need to enter JDBC credentials to login and once successful the LH data will populate.